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Fly-well Tec. establishes at 2005, and we focus on Electronic component business and offers business plus value serve for agent . Our main agent products are communication and consuming products and we acts part of relevant computer products service.
Europe, America, the semiconductor company in Taiwan and other major electronic component manufactures, we offer client timely and complete strategy in power management, and we maintain customer's long-term and firm good relation actively, so Fly-well Tec.would be the first choice that bolster up client’s market development.

core philosophy

Fly-well Tec. embeds in analog IC design and niche products and we set the goal that becoming the global company, in order to increase the value of enterprise, we develop knowledge-economy industry, combine local technician, and promote technological level. In the future, core technology will be the developing main shaft with seeking to complementary agent products in second. We develop actively support ability in the systematic level, moreover; we enhance ourselves in product designation, finally; we are devoted to satisfying the omni-directional demands which help customer grows up.

With dependable corporate culture, we derive high additional value and application. Fly-well Tec emphasize pragmatic spirit, pursuing being outstanding and innovative, however, we still are responsible of social care. Fly-well Tec. putting customer's demand in the primary importance, seeking development in technology, combining the academy and industry researching energy, improving the ability of innovative products and combining value with invention, finally we construct the knowledge-innovating society

Covert the creativity into practical science and technology, implement commercialized application, shorten researching time, forestall the market opportunity and satisfy the omni-directional demand from customer.

core value